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 Turf starting at .99 per sq ft

The Artificial Turf Store is committed to providing certified safe products that are guaranteed to be lead-free making it great for your family and pets.


$.99 PER SQ FT



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Maintenance Tips

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Clean Up Debris

Debris such as leaves and tree branches not only compromises your turf aesthetics but also poses safety risks.  Use a leaf blower or a rake to clear away the debris. Make sure the rake has plastic bristles specifically for artificial grass – metal bristles can cause long-term damage to your turf blades!

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A Little Water Goes a Long Way

While you won’t need to water your synthetic grass every day, a little watering won’t hurt it, either. With artificial grass, you can use water to keep it clean while staying compliant with any strict drought restrictions you may have.

Spraying your artificial grass weekly will prevent dust, dirt, pollen and other contaminants from building up in your landscaping. Additionally, you can ensure that your infill stays evenly distributed by giving your turf some light watering!

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Pet Maintenance

If you’re worried about how pet waste will affect your artificial turf, allow us to put your mind at ease. Picking up solid waste from pet turf is easier on artificial grass than it is on natural grass – cleanup could not be more straightforward!

After you’ve picked up your pet’s waste, hose down the affected area and continue to rinse your turf weekly to prevent odors from accumulating. For maximum results, invest in antibacterial artificial grass infills that kill odors at the source.

Water & Turf

Conserving freshwater resources is more critical now than ever. Updating your landscaping with more eco-friendly materials is one of the best ways to reduce water usage and improve your environmental impact. Artificial turf lawns help homeowners conserve water. By replacing your natural grass lawn with synthetic turf, you can drastically improve your carbon footprint and turn your home into one of the greenest on the block.

Water Conservation

Reducing your water usage has a far more significant impact than just reducing your monthly bill. By conserving water, you’ll help protect one of the most valuable and limited resources globally. Access to fresh drinking water is essential for human health – from bathing to agriculture, the world needs water to operate. Especially in drought-impacted areas, artificial turf installation helps ensure that this limited resource is available for essential purposes.

Saving Money on Water

Water use costs money. Many of us make conscious efforts to reduce our consumption – we turn off the water while we brush our teeth, fix leaky faucets and take shorter showers. These are all great practices – however, making swaps like replacing your natural grass with artificial turf will save you thousands of gallons of water without even trying.

Residential Water Use

 The average American will use between 100 and 175 gallons of water daily. Fifty-four percent of all residential water usage is on landscaping maintenance; that’s more than dishes, laundry, showering and faucet use combined. That means installing an artificial turf lawn will cut your water use by more than half.

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